Le département Recherche et Développement de CADCAMation SA est actuellement partenaire de plusieurs projets soutenus par la Commission Européenne ou la Commission pour la Technologie et l’Innovation suisse (CTI). Les activités de recherche sont orientées pricipalement vers l’Usine du futur (FoF) l’Efficience énergétique des Bâtiments (EeB).

The Research & Development department of CADCAMation SA is currently participating in several projects funded by the European Commission and the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI). The research activity is mainly oriented toward the Factory of the Future (FoF) and Energy Efficient Buildings (EEB).

PVsites PVsites – European H2020 Project
The main objective of PVSITES project is to drive BIPV technology to a large market deployment by demonstrating an ambitious portfolio of building integrated solar technologies and systems, giving a forceful, reliable answer to the market requirements identified by the industrial members of the consortium in their day-to-day activity.
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design4energy Design4energy – European FP7 Project
The partners covering all building life cycle will develop an innovative Integrated Evolutionary Design Methodology that can allow the stakeholders to predict the current and future energy efficiency of buildings and make better informed decision in optimising the energy performance at building life cycle level.
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FoFdation project FoFdation – European FP7 Project
The european “FoFdation” Project aims at the universal information system foundation for sustainable manufacturing in the ‘Factory of the Future’. CADCAMation is one of the 15 partners of the project.
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FoFdation project ENEPLAN – European FP7 Project
The european “ENEPLAN” project is for « Energy Efficient Process pLAnning system » and will deliver a manufacturing planning decision support tool for the optimization of the plant operation. CADCAMation is one of the 17 partners of the project.
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FoFdation project IFaCOM – European FP7 Project
The vision of IFaCOM is to achieve near zero defect level of manufacturing for all kinds of manufacturing, with emphasis on production of high value parts, on large variety custom design manufacturing and on high performance products. CADCAMation is one of the 15 partners of the project.
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